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Reduce movement speed affect

I noticed that 2 skills that I use, heroic slash (s&b) and vampires bain (dawns wrath) both reduce targets movement speed (60% for 12 secs and 40% for 9 secs respectively). Do these affects stack or does one cancel the other out? Thanks in advance!

Best Answer

  • AzuraKin
    movement speed debuffs work like anything else, if its not named it will stack with each other. but they can also be cleansed which will heal 17% max health per effect removed.
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    v160 restoration archmage (Templar)
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    v160 restoration archmage (Templar)
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    Accepted Answer
  • Lord Valar
    Lord Valar
    I'm not sure, but I think the highest one will cancel the other, so it will be a maximum of 60% reduction speed.
  • ProngedSword
    Ok thanks, so sounds like if not named (major, minor etc) they do stack in most circumstances. Helpful to know :)
  • Toast_STS
    Snares stack multiplicatively I believe. So you snare 60% with heroic slash the target is at 40% move speed, then you cast reflective light and they are snared for 40% of 40% which is 16% so the enemy will be snared 60% + 16% or 76% total snare.
    VR14 DK Leaps-in-keeps
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