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Would it make sense if i build DW/2H NB?

Hello im 24 lv NB wood elf im pretty new in this game,i see many people using wood elf nb as WD/BOW but I dont really like choose second path for bow,i want to go for 2h for second path,would it make sense if i go for 2h as a second path? im full stamina DW wood elf.
  • Delimber
    There are pro's and con's to running DW and 2H.

    You will end up with some nice skills that can buff your weapon damage with 2H without needing to hit a target.

    You will lose a nice ranged weapon skill which could make some delves or dungeons more challenging.

    Just to point out some concerns you might encounter while you level up.

    Run with the set up you want. Don't worry about what others run. Just understand some setups are more effective than others.
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  • kadar
    Yup, you can run DW/2H if you want. Both DW and 2H have damage skills, damage-over-time skills, and buff/utility skills. Put a good mix of those on each ability bar and you're all set.
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  • StanicEnemy
    Thank you guys
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