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[RP] Having trouble posing...

... for screenshots and rp'ing fun. Is there a way I can spin my character in place? Trying to line him up to lay down on cots or just stand in a dark corner twirling my pose action knife is an act of retarding looking insanity. How am I suppose to be cool if I keep banging against a wall to get into position?
  • Spaceclown
    middle mouse and try alt
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  • Jemcrystal
    k thx for input

    i set my middle mouse to dodge roll tho

    i can at least get my back to a wall, sorta, if i angle the camera as above my head as possible and jerk click the wdsa until finally standing in pos - at least i can pose for pic or vid shots but RP is a nonya no biggie
  • jircris11
    i use the block method lol basiclly point in the direction you want to face (in first person) then use the "bash" option aka right mouse+left mouse it will cause them to turn in that direction.
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