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Soul Shriven
Belderi’s Hope is looking for you!

Known and esteemed for her knowledge about weaponry and her talent for chatting for hours at a stretch, Belderi Llinerim of the Mournhold guildhall is who we look up to. We take to her example and honor her, by offering you a small and friendly social guild, Belderi’s Hope: a place to call home in Tamriel.

We are small PVE focused (solo and groups) guild in the Ebonheart Pact on the PC/Mac EU server. Our members are 23+ y/o, mature, helpful, friendly, and ocasionally a bit mental (with a wink and a big grin!). We focus on the social aspect of the game, which we combine with ingame content and hours of laughter and chatter on our own Teamspeak channel.

We welcome all kinds of players, no matter your playstyle or level. We offer you a guildbank, our own TS3 channel, weekly trials, a Happy Hour, and lot’s of fun and laughter.

/w @Yleva or @Snowdudi ingame for more information.
@Yleva - magicka sorcerer
Ysálihne - templar - healer
PC - EU - Ebonheart Pact
Arsène's Fail Group | GM & Raidleader
Achievement hunter | 29550 points
Social Butterfly
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