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Question about AD and Main Story Quest Order


I need some advice about any possible importance in the order of completing some quests. My main focus is on adhering to the story line.

I am currently a level 49 AD character with no CPs. With the Witches Festival and the Orsinium event I jumped up levels a lot but still have only done about half of the Malabal Tor zone. I have done the main story quest lines up through the portal to get me to Coldharbour. As I understand it once I hit level 50 the final main story quest will open up (God of Schemes I think it is).

So my question is should I ignore Coldharbour and that final main story quest until I finish the AD areas? Or does it not really matter?

If I don't need to finish AD quests should I clear the quests in Coldharbour before doing God of Schemes? They seem related and beyond the story aspect I am not sure if there are other issues with doing those out of order.

I have also heard that with 1T that a player is a bit weaker once passing level 50 but with low CPs. If that is true, would it be better to do the God of Schemes quest at level 50 rather than waiting till I clear AD zones and Coldharbor?

Thanks for any help.
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