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ESO is constantly crashing on new PS4 PRO

  • akl77
    Yes, you can't run 4K graphics for ESO, cos it'll crash every 15 min, if you want to relog in every 15min, lol.
    So now I changed the ESO graphics to 1080 instead of 4K, so it crashes maybe once per hour in less crowded area. In trial or crowded area still crashes every 15min or immediately.
    If your old PS4 is stable now, don't get pro, unless you wanna play other 4K games.
    Graphic wise, no upgrade if you changed to 1080 instead of 4K on pro.
    PS4 pro NA
  • kylewwefan
    Well, I traded up to a PS4 does look better....but crashed 5 times on Vet HelRa yesterday. Then it crashed every time I used the dye station. Surprisingly didn't crash at all on normal Maw. I still have it set to 4K.

    Effects from staff Wall of elements looks much crisper. Lightning and fire look a lot better. texture on rocks and walls environments, and the water look much more defined. Even my toons skin and armor look sharper.

    I had one or two random disconnect....I thaught was very odd since now I have my console connected with a wire now.

    Hopefully they fix these issues on update 13....
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