Looking for guild Ebonheart Pact

Soul Shriven
Hello everyone that reads this post,

I'm a returning player to ESO, i've played at launch for about 6 months and then i stopped playing for certain reasons.
Now with the new update on ESO i decided to give the game a chance again. And i like what i'm seeing.

I've decided that i want to play as a templar healer. I like PVE and PVP, but i chose healer mostly because i wanted to play dungeons with groups again. Ofcourse everyone knows playing with PUGS is not always fun, so i want to join a guild.

I would like a guild that is not so big, cause big guild are mostly chaotic and you don't know half of the members that are in it.

My character is from the EB side, Breton Templar Healer.

Thanks for reading this post, and i am hoping to see a response soon.
  • AzuraKin
    i can invite you to barret's coffee house, we dont do nothing. in fact just me and 9 filler dead accounts so i can use bank space. its coded for ep though cause my main is a dark elf. but no one in the guild runs ep. we dont associate with house dren, hlaalu, or redoran.
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  • cyberjanet
    I have a small guild that seeks older, laid-back players. There is a thread on this forum, I think it sank to page 2. Have a look and see if it appeals.
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