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Does ESO Plus no longer count as owning Orsinium for Crafting Writs?

I just returned to ESO for One Tamriel after a long break. I am an ESO Plus member (yes, I have verified my subscription to ESO Plus is still active). I never purchsed any of the DLCs seperately, but I have them all via ESO Plus. However, my crafting writs are giving me the writs with descriptions of, "This writ is from the Orsinium Civic Renewal and Vengeance Committee..." and has me craft ancestor silk and ruby ash wood items, but wants me to turn them in at the Belkarth Quartermaster in Craglorn, and my rewards are void cloth and sanded nightwood. My Provisioner writs aren't even giving me the proper recipes to make. Do I need to actually own Orsinium in order to get the correct crafting writs that are turned in at Orsinium? This didn't used to be the case. If this did change, when did it change and why?

PS: I am on PC NA.

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  • G-sus_NL
    Belkarth is back for everyone, dlc or not. Probably because Craglorn has been reworked since 1T.
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