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Game crashes then unable to load in unless character swap pvp

This is grand overlord cripwalkin sts, I'm drawing the line and giving eso until the end of the year to fix this nonsense of disconnects and not being able to log back in, in a reasonable time... unacceptable ladies and gentlemen of Zos. If the following issue is not corrected by your engineers in the time frame i displayed then I will move on to another game. This problem is so fustrating and discouraging to say the least. Get on it, this should be one of your highest priorties to be corrected if no one has mentioned that to you.

p.s the feeling is mutual could care less if i am missed or not, clocks ticking, do y'all know about this issue? it doesnt seem like it hope this is a priority, only time will tell... thanks from a dissapointed cripwalkin sts
4th Grand Overlord For DC Xbox One. 123,486 pvp kills Crip from the Sexy Time Slayers aka Leaps of Dreamz
  • Unsent.Soul
    Just happened moments ago, lost out on some major AP because I was too busy playing load screen simulator.
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