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Bad textures need advice

Ten days ago my textures degraded to something strange and cartoonish. I tried deleting shadercache.cooked, repaired from the launcher, updated driver, monkeyed with visual settings, turned off add-ons and turned them back on, checked Nvidia general settings and ESO64.exe specific settings, but nothing made any difference. Any ideas?

Normally looks like this:


Currently looks like this:


I updated drivers, run as admin, disabled scaling at high DPS, repaired client many times, deleted shader.cooked, checked user settings, disabled add-ons, checked Nvidia settings, and nothing worked. Which makes sense as it just spontaneously changed without my changing anything. Any ideas?
  • runagate
    For anyone who stumbles across this post in the future:

    Today my textures changed back to the way they are supposed to be.

    I made only one single change since I last posted this, which was change the Video settings to random low and high settings many times today. After one such iteration - wham! - my textures were back. I know not why.
    Upgrade :p
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