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What would you like to see fixed?

Open thread for players to post bugs they would like to see fixed or changes they would like to see made. Hopefully this can bring attention to these problems. I just picked the game up again after a year and some of the same issues remain.

1. Voice chat not working, it had its problems last year but now it seems worse then ever. Endless rejoining loops, complete removal of voice channels when aytempting to leave, even text chat stops working sometimes.
2. Sound dropping out randomly, have to reconnect mic to fix
3. Animation cancelling, players are able to hit you with multiple moves at once, hide the beam effect on rezs, perform heavy attacks without winding up etc.
4. Elden Hollow II, this issue has been part of the game since the beginning. If you dont kill the tendrils that spawn fast enough in the fight with Bogdon then they will spawn on top of eachother, making it impossible to interrupt the white tendrils healing effects.
5. Huntmasters leash and necklace of the viper are the same thing

**EDIT** I should've posted this in bug reports if a moderator can move it that would b cool.
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