Vdsa profession save in the future?

Last night I got a group of guildies to commit to vdsa. The long version is we lost a DPs to sleep at stage 4 and replaced them. Lost another at stage 8 final boss. Got to the final boss and spent an hour or so slowly learning mechanics and improving. The final attempt wiped about 20%. My fault as the healer. All were players who actually enjoyed struggling through Maelstrom. Only one of them has shown interest in trying again another day because we have to start over from the beginning.

Short version is the biggest turn off for vdsa I see in my guilds isn't the difficulty. It's the reset. It's pretty fun, mechanically diverse, and challenging content that people don't want to do because progress doesn't save.

-my two cents
  • Dagoth_Rac
    I think it would be very difficult due to having four people. Would the player who left at Stage 4 be "saved" at Stage 4? What if he started a new group? Would everyone jump straight to Stage 4? Would he be pulled back to Stage 1? Could you potentially have best players speed run to last Stage and then keeping dropping and adding new players for a gold fee, giving them all "saves" at last stage so they can skip the grind of all the earlier rounds?

    I agree that VDSA is way too tedious and time-consuming in its current form. It is hard to get 4 people to commit to that especially when most of the VDSA weapons are underwhelming. But I think a save feature for group content would be very hard to do and be subject to exploiting.
  • Cplpackb14_ESO
    Yeah, that's why I didn't suggest a method. If nothing else, a npc that could save your account progression or reset it. Some leaves at 4 they are saved at 4. Stages start at the earliest save, not the latest. There's always room for exploits and vdsa isnt really a pug random area. Some brainstorming would need to happen for save ideas.
  • Cplpackb14_ESO
    Plus only an option to save for group members after a round is complete? If you port to the group in a completed round, you already port into the next round. The imp merchant could do it. No access if you weren't there for that fight.
  • ethanthefox
    Well it get better when you get mechanics, people that know what they're doing and have good gear. Like 1h-1h20. I think saving would just brings problems since its a 4-man.
  • Inig0
    If you want help with vdsa I would be happy to give out some pointers or strats :)
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  • AlexTech0x
    The other day 3 or 4 members got Master's Greatsword, that is when i decided vDSA is a total waste of time with current's RNG
  • Visermmy
    Hmm my two sense, why not make this a guild feature to add to the social construct. The group's leaders's guild controls the save point for a week.
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