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Bard Character In-Game Comings and Goings?

I have a bardish type character and I was wondering what are some good in-game activities to do? Quests, dailies, etc. that kind of stuff. I have already completed every faction on different characters and finishing up Caddy's Gold on my main. I have never played a bard character before and I am trying to find him his own path in-game. He is an archer half-elf (I know, not real/lore breaking) nightblade. This is just for personal RP, character depth and stuff.

Not sure if this a weird request so here's an example of one my alts with a theme: He is part of the mages guild so he has gone through all those quests, does the mages guild dailies, collects lore books, relics.

I already have a dedicated DB character, and second thieves guild dedicated character, but I thought maybe I could make him a combo of both, throwing in some of each of those quests, maybe picking up quests in Taverns. Would love to hear some advice from outside my head =)
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Xbox NA:
  • Soren Hawkheart- Breton Spellsword (DC) Sorcerer
  • Kaenan- Imperial Paladin (EP) Templar
  • Revan- Dunmer Vampire Inferno Mage (EP) Dragonknight
  • Faerandil- Altmer Sage (AD) Templar
  • Aureyna- Altmer Arcane Warrior (AD) Sorcerer
  • Aurthalion- Altme Battle Mage (AD) Sorcerer
  • Dahlek- Argonian Shadowmage/Shadowscale (AD) Nightblade
  • Callion- Breton Thief & Assassin (AD) Nightblade
  • Eldaran- Lore-breaking half-elf Elementalist, not of Nirn (DC) Dragonknight
  • Quenandir- Altmer Ranger (AD) Nighblade
  • Saelif- Breton/Altmer MG Adept (AD) Templar

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