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Stories...Where Are They??? :)

I only see sporadic stories between rp requests and such. This is NOT a negative against the requests, I just wish more would write their stories. If you rp, then you have a story. No one expects everyone to be great writers, but it is fun to see others views about Tamriel and their characters on here, not to mention inspirational. I know there are other sites that host ESO stories, but it just doesn't feel as connected, and new rp'ers will not see them. This is not to fuss, just a request to see more stories, as I have faith that the rp'ers on here are some of the best. Thanks! :smiley:
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  • RAGUNAnoOne
    I haven't seen her post a story but I know @Cazzy loves to RP
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  • Eirikir
    I'm playing with a trope werewolf a few posts down from this one and plan to start posting one about a sad feelz imperial this weekend.
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  • Indigochild3rdi
    I have a main guinea pig character. He's just my first toon that does everything in game to learn the ropes. He's an orc dragonknight warrior named shugkul varguk. I don't really have a back story for him other than he just likes to throw up his big green hands whenever possible and beat people up especially when gold is involved. My other character is a bosmer thief named Deledriel Arafir (nightblade) who was exiled from his village in valenwood when he was a young adult, which led him to his early demise as being executed by the worm cult. While growing up his family wanted him to become a hunter to provide for his family and village. Training him in the bow as most bosmer are and teaching him the way of the forest and how to sneak up on prey. Deledriel started hunting to sell pelts to make money for his family but quickly learned it just want enough. He decided that we would take up a life of petty thievery. He found that he enjoyed this lifestyle and started to steal more and more to make money and provide for himself and family. Eventually he got caught breaking into a home and decided to leave that life behind after a short sentence in jail. Again he found himself craving that side of life because he saw his family struggling. He wanted to help but knew if he got caught again his family wouldn't tolerate it. But it was all too tempting and decided to go back at it which resulted in getting busted again stealing a family heirloom from a noble in a nearby town. Deledriel was given an alternative, he either leave valenwood and never return or do life in jail. He decided to leave. While on his journey to his undecided new home we was ransacked in the forest and awoke in cold harbor. And that's where his journey begins.
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  • randomguy
    im about to post my story, The Tail of Lovegames, which isn't about ESO quests or many NPCs. Instead it is about players and their adventures with Lovegames
  • rtaylor63
    Urag Gro Bakh
    An orc from the stronghold Bakh in the mountains of High Rock. raised in the arts of warfare from birth, Urag was the greatest warrior in his stronghold, leading many skirmishes and raids against the enemies of Bakh from goblins to raiders. He was trusted and respected by many, including the chief Shakhul, who was his best friend and comrade growing up. As orc culture goes, only the chief is allowed to have wives; and Shakhul had a total of 4 wives. One of them, Aroul had taken a liking to Urag for not only his prowess in battle but for the admiration given to him by countless villagers ; they then started seeing each other behind Shakhul's back. It was only over the course of time that Urag and Aroul had began to fall in love, and though they yearned to be together they could not, not when she was still the wife of the chief. Shakhul had begun to notice that one of his wives would constantly slip away, and though he had his suspicions he paid it no mind. Years went by when Bakh was visited by a regiment of soldiers, under the banner of High King Emeric. Among them was an emissary sent to bring an offer of an alliance between the orcs, redguards, and Bretons themselves. This alliance would be known as what is now called the Daggerfall Covenant. The constant struggle of the battle for Cyrodil with the other faction known as the Ebonheart Pact and the Aldmeri Dominion, the king sought allies in his campaign to claim the Ruby Throne and bring all of Tamriel to heel under the rule of the Daggerfall Covenant. In the message brought by the emissary besides the promises of riches and glory, was the promise to help the orcs rebuild Orsinium, the original province of the Orcs, and the word of the High King himself that it would be under the protection of the Daggerfall Covenant and would be left alone to prosper and grow. Urag and Aroul were ecstatic about this news, to have their homeland taken back and allowed to remain without threat. However while this offer was taken gladly by them and other Orcs, there were far more that were hesitant, if not blatantly offended by the offer given them; seeing as how the Bretons were the ones responsible for bringing the last Orsinium to ruin. While many were wary and hesitant of this promise, none were more so than Shakhul, who was not only hesitant, but outraged by the High King’s promise. Despite the pleas of Urag, Aroul, and the other orcs who were in favor of the offer, Shakhul would not agree to it, and in response he planned to raid one of the cities of Daggerfall known as Wayrest to send a message to the Bretons and anyone else who mocked the Orcs with false promises and cloak and dagger alliances. Urag had tried to talk him out of it, knowing that the attack would only mean a massive and swift retaliation against Bakh and the other strongholds, but Shakhul would not listen to reason. Fearing that the Daggerfall Covenant would destroy the stronghold if the attack was successful, Urag planned to flee from Bakh with Aroul; though the problems of being clanless seemed threatening, the alternative with Shakhul’s plan was terrifying in comparison. As they readied the horses to leave in the dead of night, Shakhul along with the other soldiers of the stronghold caught them trying to escape. Seeing them together, Shakhul had realized that they had indeed been seeing each other behind his back. Enraged, he and the others drew their weapons against Urag as he shouted at Aroul to ride to Wayrest and warn them of the attack. Other orcs who sympathized with Urag had taken arms with him and fought against Shakhul and his mer. By dawn Urag was the only survivor on either side as the other orcs were all dead; among them Shakhul who was slain by Urag himself. Only the shaman of the stronghold remained and for his crime of breaking the Code of Malacath, he sentenced Urag to the eternal blood price: that he and anyone close to him will be neither welcomed nor wanted in any of the strongholds, and he shall be forever hunted until he has been slain and sent to the oblivion plane of Ashpit to be judged by Malacath himself. Urag later found Aroul, slain by one of the orcs who lied beside her with a dagger in his gut. Heartbroken and devastated, his lover dead and his home destroyed, he wandered the realm of Tamriel as a mercenary, selling his swordarm for gold while finding the battle that would eventually kill him; if not his bounties then his kin who hunted him relentlessly. Urag did eventually find death at the hands of the Worm Cult led by Mannimarco and was sent to the oblivion plane of Coldharbour, under the rule of the Daedric prince Molag Bal. However, he was set free by Lyris and the mysterious Prophet. Back in the world of Nirn and with the knowledge of the threat of Coldharbour looming on Tamriel, Urag takes his blade up once more and fights against the threats that Molag Bal, Mannimarco, and the Worm Cult bring, along with pledging his sword to the Daggerfall Covenant to give his people a home; this and the promise of gold and riches urges Urag forward as he fights for his place in a realm filled with strife and war.

    Personality: Urag Is calm and level headed in almost any situation; only bringing his rage forth in battle and even then, still manages to keep a level head. After the deaths of many of his clansmen and his lover Aroul, Urag has been taken to a point of sadness and a bleak outlook of the realm, with the only thing driving him forward the promises of gold and his eventual death by the enemy. After his resurrection from Coldharbour. Urag is now set with a new purpose and determination to rid the world of Nirn from Molag Bal's influence and to give his people a new home in atonement for his crimes against the orcs and Malacath.
    Appearance: Urag Is a well built above average height orc. He has green eyes and pointed ears. He has a bald head with a full beard(beard color is dark brown). His face is marked with a scar given to him by Shakhul in his battle against him and the other orcs.
    • Tactician: Urag's years of battle experience has made him an expert in battle plans and formations. From finding the enemy's weak point to causing a squadron of soldiers to scatter in a panic, he has a plan for almost any situation
    • Master Swordsman: From birth Urag was trained in the arts of war, making him a more than formidable opponent on the battlefield. With sword and shield in hand, Urag brings the fight to the enemy and leaves none standing in his wake
    • Expert Archer: Urag was also trained in the bow, making countless kills from miles away with no one noticing. From hunting game to picking off groups of foes, Urag rarely misses his target
    • Endurance: Years of battle and torture by Molag Bal have made Urag almost completely tolerable of pain. His reserves never running out, Urag can go toe to toe with groups of foes for hours on end before beginning to tire. This and his battle rage completely blind him from even the very thought of pain
    • Berserk Rage: Like all other orcs, Urag has a berserk state he can call upon in battle. However, even by orc standards, his rage is on a completely different level, allowing him to fight fiercely and savagely, despite wounds sustained in battle or from loss of fatigue. This and the fact he can barely control himself when in this state , Urag only uses his Berserk Rage when he is in a tight spot and when there are no innocents around him.
    Class: Dragonknight
    • Sword and Shield
    • Bow

    Role in Party: Tank and/or DPS
  • Xinz'r
    Follow my "Master of Scion's story", trust me, you won't be disappointed :)
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