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So, I was playing today, and I decided to travel from Windhelm to Vulkhel Guard due to me not being there often. After traveling in the wayshrine, I was welcomed with a large quantity of bright lights and sword swings. The midst of the city was filled with duelers who were screaming at each other via game chat. After a minute of this nonsense, I could not hear the music of the game, nor the voices of the characters. I then decided to flee Auridon, and boarded a ship set for Elden Root. Once I arrived, I was rudely interrupted with a large quantity of citizens speaking over the game chat, and even going so far as to blast their horrible music into their mics. Sounds of children's parents informing them to perform their homework. Men informing everyone who won in the latest basketball game. People blasting mindless music into the game chat. My advice to you, is that if you are seeking to speak to friends, invite them to a party, and do not duel in markets where many players are attempting to shop, and complete tasks. And definently do not duel next to a wayshrine due to it rendering other players to obtain excruciating lag. Goodnight.
  • The_Protagonist
    Its not your private bedroom after all, you're literally in a public domain.
  • Waffennacht
    Sounds like a crowded market place to me
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  • Mic1007
    Welcome to Tamriel! :)
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  • Leandor
    To stay on topic:

    Is 'because!' an appropriate answer?
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