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Need magblade advice

I have a high elf magblade dot build,5pc tbs,2 pc skoria and will power jewlery. I recently acquired the infalliable aether jewlery but when I wear it I notice my skills lose a good amount of dps. My spammable is swallow soul,with willpower,on a crit it hits for around 20k,with aether it drops to around 13k,and similar decrease in all other skills. My question is which jewlery set should I wear for pve content?dailies trials dsa etc. Will I get more dps due to the minor slayer buff? I'm just not sure
  • ryanborror
    You shouldn't lose that much dps and I doubt you're hitting 20k swallow souls without warhorn or trap beast. Aether 3 Pc doesn't work outside of instanced areas so make sure you test there. Also minor slayer doesn't stack well with percentage based abilities like impale or merciless resolve so I don't use it on mag blade. Go into a normal dungeon that has an easy boss and test the two.
    templars, nightblades
    PC/XB1 NA
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