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We should be able to mark items for research THROUGH the research interface

Research interface tells us what traits we do and don't have on each item. By clicking on the individual trait, we can already see the items in our inventory that have that trait.

I think that we should be able to:

1) Look at the list of items with each specific trait even if all our research slots are currently occupied and/or that item has research in-progress.]
2) From that interface, mark items specifically for research. Items with this mark cannot be destroyed, deconstructed, traded away, put up in a guild store or bank, or even equipped.

This would make organising my inventory so much easier, knowing that I can mark the stuff I want to research and just decon everything else.
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  • SolidusPrime
    Totally agree. It would save a lot of time.

    I was wasting sooooo much time any time I needed to make some inventory space. I downloaded a mod that does pretty much this exact thing and went from spending 15-20 mins in town to 5 in between runs.
  • SirCritical

    I think I found a typo:

    "Enchanting - 15K for gold glyph, 8K for legendary, 5K for everything else"

    What's the difference?
  • Rouven
    That would be nice. Or a little marker while looking at any item telling me I know that trait already. Perhaps keep it in line of how it shows me if cooking recipes are known.
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  • Nestor
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    We really do need to have the Lock function enabled while at the crafting station. Many times I que the station up only to see gear that I knew I should have locked but did not. Makes it easy to decon or research by mistake as I tend to assume now that if I see it, it's good to go. Still, I catch a lot of items that make me leave the station, open inventory, then lock, then re-enable the station. I know, First World Problem. But making the Lock function available from the Crafting Interface would go a long way to solve my and the OP's issue.
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  • dodgehopper_ESO
    I'd like to see something like this, as well as a way to lookup what recipes we know without having to go to a cooking station. Some of these quality of life items you acquire by Addon really would be nice if they just built in the interface. The information is there, it just doesn't have a means to display without addon. I realize there are a lot of great addons out there but when they get shut off or lose support or start causing clashes, it becomes a problem that you need so many. I'd like to see them include interface improving features like this.
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  • Azurephoenix999

    I think I found a typo:

    "Enchanting - 15K for gold glyph, 8K for legendary, 5K for everything else"

    What's the difference?

    Ah! I didn't notice that! Sorry, been playing Destiny a lot lately. Legendary is purple over there. I'll change it right away.
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  • videlicet
    Soul Shriven
    A marking feature would be great. I made myself a table where I check what items and traits I need for research... not the most convenient way to play.
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