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Do Weapon Passives Effect Werewolf Damage?

Do weapon passive skills effect werewolf damage, for example, Forceful with a two-hander, or Ruffian while dual-wielding?
  • Skelfish
    No. While you are transformed into a werewolf, you only have werewolf passives and active skills. Racial and weapon skills are not active. IIRC weapon traits do have an affect (like precise, infused, etc.), but the bulk of your damage is going to come from how much stamina you have.
  • Chrlynsch
    Werewolf is's

    -Armor passives
    -Class passives that don't require slotting
    -Armor traits
    -Set bonuses
    -Weapon Traits
    -Weapon enchantments
    -Any timer buffs cast before transformation

    Werewolf is nots

    -Weapon Passives
    -Class passives that require slotting abilities
    -Toggle Abilities
    - resses
    - stealthing

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