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Fresh 160CP looking for help.


I'm currently a magicka sorc and havent tried running much content yet, just tried gearing up where I can and I've hit a bit of a wall.

I'm currently wearing all epic magicka divine julianos set ( Boots, legs, chest, staff, hands ), paired with some cheap crappy green mothers sorrow helmet, shoulders and belt for cheap crit+.
My jewerly is willpower set with necklace +magicka and spell damage also epic, the rings are both blues one has +magicka and damage the other has +health and damage.
My weapons are both julianos epics with penetration traited in, one has spell damage+ the other has flame damage.

I'm unsure if these are a good place to be while looking at starting vet dungeons, mainly interested in the ilambris set to pair with julianos.

My current stats are;

33124 Magicka, 16173 Health, 2206 Spell damage, 65% crit, 10k resistances. Thats buffed with hp magic food. I dont use spell damage pots either cant afford at the min lol.

I dont know if these are good starts to be starting vet dungeons with and I'm struggling like hell to reach over 15k single target dps. I have no practice with animation cancelling etc is not cancelling animations the reason I cant get over 15k single target? The best i can achieve is around 8-13k.

So to sum up; is my gear stats etc good enough to start farming for ilambris? How can i push my DPS further, will animation cancelling take it much higher? Looking for general advice on what to do next also.

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  • Curragraigue
    The stats aren't bad considering that your wearing some blue and green gear. Willpower purple jewellery shouldn't be very expensive atm if you shop around and if you want to improve them. Asking a crafter to upgrade you green gear would also help until you can find what you want.

    You should be okay to farm a Vet Dungeon if you read up on mechanics for the dungeon first. If you would like help/suggestions with your DPS you will need to let people know:

    1) what skills you have on your bars; and
    2) your rotation, so what order do you use the skills in.

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  • Im_So_Tanked

    Sorry about that!

    My Primary bar is the lightning julianos staff with the weapon damage+ enchantment
    The skills on that bar are as follows;
    1. Velocious Curse, 2. Crystal Fragments, 3. Force Pulse, 4. Magelight ( Only just unlocked ), 5. Bound Aegis.

    The second bar is using an inferno julianos staff with the flame damage enchantment.
    The skill bars are as follows;
    1. Bloackade of fire, 2. Liquid Lightning, 3. Magelight, 4. Harness Magicka, 5. Bound Aegis.

    Ultimate I use is destro ultimate.

    My roatation usually goes; Curse>Pulse>Liquid>Blockage>Repeat and frag when it procs. I used to have mages wrath over magelight but I was struggling to get high crit %'s so i took it off.

    Thanks for the reply!
  • Loc2262
    Your build looks good so far! You got most of the basics down and your skill bar also looks good.

    I'd suggest putting Mage's Wrath back in - it's a really powerful finisher and gives you Magicka back when you kill a mob with it.

    65% crit is good! To even improve it, you could take a look at the Treasure Hunter set (drops in Volenfell). It's very similar to Julianos. Instead of 290 spell damage on the 5-piece, it permanently gives you Major Prophecy (the same thing that Inner Light does) and adds 90 spell damage. So you trade in 200 spell damage for ~10% crit plus two free places on your skill bar.

    Remember to light or medium attack weave your Force Pulse, it gives extra damage mostly for free. If you use Energy Overload as your ulti, put Dark Conversion on that bar to regenerate Magicka from Stamina.

    You should be fine to start with the tier-1 vet dungeons. Like Curra said, in contrast to the normal dungeons, in the vet versions (or the "II" versions after One Tamriel) it's important to know boss mechanics.
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    Kind regards,
    PC-EU, 12 chars, 900+CP
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