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New to the game, when should I start crafting

Soul Shriven
I have been leveling a sorc and was wondering what level I should start crafting? I heard it requires skill points, will that take away from the skill points used for abilities? Also, any recommended crafting for a sorc?
  • Nestor
    There are so many nice dropped sets now that the need for immediate crafting for equipment anyway, is not there. I am sure this will change in the future. So, right not, I would focus on leveling equipment crafting, as outlined above. You need no skill points to do that, but Research Passives can help. Then, once you get end game, and have the skill points you can start investing those in the equipment skills. In the meantime, wear mob and boss loot dropped items, that will get you through the early part of the game.

    Consumable Crafting can help you right away, with Provisioning and Alchemy being the biggest helps. Note, you level enchanting by deconning mob dropped glyphs (also from making them). Alchemy and Provisioning you can max out in minutes when you need to level those, if you have the skill points to invest for higher level recipes and solvents. So, while skill point starved, just decon glyphs like you do the armor.

    Note, about traits. Learn 2 on all the items you would use, then the 3rd, then the 4th. Once you get to 6 traits in about a month or two, then fill in the other items traits. And, given the dropped sets we have now, your mostly going to want to Improve gear, so the Temper and Tannin Expertise passives could also benefit you.
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    Enjoy the game, life is what you really want to be worried about.

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  • Casualgamer82
    Soul Shriven
    Thanks for the responses. This is great information :)
  • AntMan100673
    wayfarerx wrote: »
    1. Start researching traits yesterday.
    2. Start deconstructing everything you find that you don't use or research.
    3. Wait until you have a good stock of skill points before investing in crafting skills.

    The big deal is the trait research. Leveling crafting skill lines is easy, but the number of traits you know limit what sets you can make.

    Definitely this ref trait research.

    Always try to have research going, as you level up the crafting skill lines you'll be able to research 2 then 3 items at the same time in each craft.

    Work out what gear you want to use and concentrate on those items eg. If you're going magicka wearing light armour then don't bother researching medium armour early on (unless you've got nothing else to research as you don't want to leave it idle either). If you're going to use a monster set don't bother researching head and shoulders at first either. Also decide what trait you want the gear you are going to make to have and make sure you research that trait early on.
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  • Glurin
    As others have said, research, research, research. In fact I'd say it's worth it to level crafting skills as quick and early as you can just so you can put points into the research skills. It takes months to research all the traits on just one item. The final point in the research skill will cap the time per trait at 30 days, which is a huge deal once you're down to the last couple traits.
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