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Dragon Warrior Costum and Yokudan Charger Mount Code from Skyrim Remastered

Just got a physical copy of Skyrim remastered for Xbox One. It came with a nice little piece of paper that had a code on it. The code is to (allegedly) grant me a costume and mount for ESO (on Xbox One). The instructions were to try to redeem said code through my console or online at xbox live. So I tried both. Both times I got a "Check the instructions this code may need to be redeemed on a different site" message. I also tried to redeem it through my ESO online account and - guess what? Yup - it failed too.

So the code/offer was just a troll? Well done, Bethmax. Well f'ng done. You definitely got me.
  • NewBlacksmurf
    Click the Dev tracker first. Gina's already commented on this a few times in the general forums.

    -PC (PTS)/Xbox One: NewBlacksmurf
    ~<{[50]}>~ looks better than *501
  • Smengy
    Worked for me finally this evening.
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