Another crown exclusive motif?

Trinimac Cult Crown Crafting Motif
5000 crowns. Pleas let this be in game as well. I have a feeling it won't though. Maybe I'm just missing something though.
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  • Abeille
    Isn't it the same as the Trinimac motif that drops in Wrothgar from daily delve quest containers?
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  • BruceLeeroy91
    Abeille wrote: »
    Isn't it the same as the Trinimac motif that drops in Wrothgar from daily delve quest containers?
  • WhiteCoatSyndrome
    Abeille wrote: »
    Isn't it the same as the Trinimac motif that drops in Wrothgar from daily delve quest containers?

    As far as I know they are one and the same yes. @Stopnaggin If you have access to the Orsinium DLC, the pages occasionally drop from the delve dailies (and Malacath drops from the World Boss dailies). Or you could just buy them from Guild Traders if you don't have the DLC or don't want to run the dailies.
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  • Pandorii
    The only motif on the November crownstore showcase is the Thieves Guild motif, which is available in game.

    However, there will be another crown store exclusive motif in December during the New Life Festival.
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  • Asardes
    This is clearly P2W
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  • Stopnaggin
    I thought that was called trinimac valor or something different. Ok my bad then.
  • Stopnaggin
    Maybe it is, if so then I have no worries. My bad people.
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  • Stopnaggin
    Yeah I'm off a bit,
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