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Question regarding 3 crafts

So I understand it's convenient for a character to have both blacksmithing and clothing crafting skills on that same character so you can avoid having to get multiple motifs for different characters as it can share a single style motif for light, medium and heavy armor....

My question is since woodworking is for shields, staff, bows and staves which have their own individual motifs, is there a reason that woodworking must go along with that same character with clothing and blacksmithing? Since weapons have their own motifs it would not share the same motifs with blacksmithing and clothing so is there any other real reason that I should keep it all three on one character or can woodworking go on my other alt character?

I've tried doing research and everybody just keep saying to have all 3 on one character I understand why both clothing and blacksmithing should be on the same character because they share motifs.. I know I'm probably missing something so i was hoping if you guys could tell me some reasons woodworking should be paired with cloth and blacksmithing and the benefits it would be to have that on that same character.... ideally I would like to have blacksmithing and clothing on one character than enchanting and woodworking on the other .. Let me know your opinion thank you for your time.
  • JasonSilverSpring
    Woodworking does not have different motifs. Once you learn a style you can use it for all armors and weapons.
  • Private_user
    Oh wow there's my disconnect.. Thanks for pointing that out to me it all makes sense now it's probably better for me to put the 3 crafting on one character...

    So do you mean to tell me that once you get a single motif it will cover all the styles weapons and clothes? What about for example when I'm looking at the New Hollowjack stuff that's dropping... there's a motif for each of the items separately.. Just trying to understand the motif so I guess.
  • Rosveen
    Some motifs drop in chapters, some (the old ones) only in whole books. Well, new ones can drop in whole books too, but it's exceedingly rare. Dividing chapters between characters isn't a problem, as you already noticed, but you would have to buy all the old motifs twice. It's just more convenient to keep them all on one char. Then again, the book motifs are pretty cheap these days (except Imperial), so if you really want to divide it then it's doable.
  • Private_user
    Oh okay the chapters and the whole book.. Now it all makes sense to me thank you to the both of you for clearing that up now I could make my decision whether or not I want to consolidate the three on to one character or branch off woodworking..
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