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TLO(The Lost Ones)Recruiting[Fairly new][EP-AD-DC][Events, trials, PvP, PvE and more]

As dawn rises upon us, the soulless appear in the shadows. They come in peace, they are seeking the one place. The one place to unite under one king, for the soulless are restless.
To become a free man, they have to destroy Molag Bal, the deadric prince. But to do this, they need to stand together.

Welcome to TLO recruiting page!

As you might understand, this is a completely new guild for you to be a part of. This is a mature guild, no room for any kind of discrimination, Racism or any kind of that. We are going to stand together, have fun together, and become the greatest guild in all Tamriel!

Events, trials and PvP runs will be a weekly thing. And all such things will be posted on the calendar on the website. news and announcements will be posted, and we have forum for you to use.

If you are interested in joining, you can register on the website and send an application. And i will get back to you as sonn as i can!
It sucks when your at 2nd place in PvP, and your alliance gets all 6 keeps.
Altmer Nightblade: DC: grundiin: lvl 50(CP179)
Nord Dragonknight: DC: Sigrundur: LvL 50(CP179)
Kahjiit Sorcerer: AD: Razus-dum: LvL 20
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