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Crown Store Dyes needs serious improvement.

I don't mind there being dyes that are purchased from the crown store but the current system is really bad.

1. Crown store dyes can only be applied to costumes and hats.
2. You cannot preview the dye. You have to guess it might look ok.
3. You have no ability to assign the colors to different positions. You can choose things like "Awesome Color Scheme: red, blue, red" or "Marvelous Sheogorath Color Scheme: red, red, blue". Which one will look best? I have no idea.

First, allow dyes to be applied to armor. Then a much better and more friendly way of using the dyes would be to allow the purchaser to preview the dye on their currently worn armor. After purchase they can then access it from a dye table and use that palette once and assign it how they want.

I almost always mix and max different armor styles so if it is ever changed to allow dying armors it would still be important that we be able to assign the positions. One piece may look great as, for example, red, green, red but another piece looks better as red, red, green.

Thank you.
  • oddavi
    you can actually preview it
  • Danikat
    If it helps at all the dyes in the crown store aren't exclusive - they're ones you can unlock via achievements and then use on your armour.

    The dye stamps were just a kind of compensation for non-subscribers being unable to dye their armour. Which I suspect means they're intentionally a worse way of doing it than simply using your own unlocked dyes.
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  • AlienSlof
    The current orange one seems to be exclusive, but that's the only one - so far. View the crown store while wearing a costume and you can preview the combination.
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  • Banana
    Some good bold colors would be a good start. The pumpkin orange is good. But the rest. Crap.
    Edited by Banana on November 2, 2016 2:15PM
  • Nerouyn
    As a non-subscriber I see no appeal in spending real money on one use dyes. So for me crown store costumes are something I continue to ignore.
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