Game Crashing and lag

This morning I was dashboarded 3 times in Rivenspire and once in Wrothgar. I have been bragging about this update, but my experience is getting a lot worst.

Also, each time I do dungeons, I experience lag every time I use any skills. It isn't a specific skill, but all of them.

I did not experience issues until my sorc was fully leveled. There was hardly any people where I was this morning, so it is not due to population.
  • Nexus_Emperor
    Yes LAG Area & FBS Droop +Crash Game :(
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    DPS Magc+Stam Sorc & Magc Warden + My best healer Templar
    Master Craft Massage me If u need help craft

    Na server 90cp rn
  • alexkdd99
    I have been bragging about update also. Kept crashing so started playing battlefield 1 until this is fixed
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