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Writs and maxed crafters

I used to do writs to help level up some craft skills and the rewards were pretty good.

Now ive maxed a few lines out (BS WW CL & PROV), im still doing writs but have found the rewards are very poor. Ive got a couple of tannins but generally the best I get is a 'large shipment' of mats a few tiers down.

Im quite a bit off being a master crafter but does anyone still do the writs on maxed out lines?
Breton DC ( GIRL - Guy In Real Life toon) Magika Templar Healer/ 5-8 trait Crafter - currently CP290 and learning

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  • akl77
    I still do all 6 writs daily, all max level. It's fun, and going into the world for surveys is refreshing instead of always wrothgar.
    The legendary mat or survey pays itself, and you get time to go out and farm more mats.
    PS4 pro NA
  • LadyDestiny
    They are pretty much a wreck now. So sick of getting a box of 25 low level something and no surveys, purple or gold items. Even my hirelings are terrible now. I mean seriously had one sardinox sent to my maxed blacksmith with nothing else. A lot of my mails are similar with other crafters now. If I do happen to get a rare survey, it sends my AD crafter to another alliance zone that they can't access yet because they were in the process of cadwells silver or gold. I am totally fine with one tamriel, but they should have left the crafting and resources alone.
  • BergisMacBride
    I do all the equipment and consumable writs daily on several chars. Consumable writs are definitely still worth doing, IMO. Quick and easy to run and turn in.

    Equipment writs may depend on how many chars you run them on. They are my most reliable source for gold tempers, which is the main reason I do them. For me, they are a net wash on mats since I do so many, the reduced survey drop rate balances out the increased survey return. For those that do then on only one or two chars, the decreased survey drop rate and RNG could lead to problems with material inventory.

    One thing I do now with surveys being all over the world is to save my surveys and harvest them once per week to make more efficient use of time.

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