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Equipment Packs - Addon or Suggestion Box?

Since I guess everyone knows what a hassle it is to change equipment (because there is no list_sort by set!), I'm sure to be understood when I ask for user packaging of wearables.

So, is there a plug-in already which allows us to save and apply wearable item combinations? In case that's not clear; I want to be able to make armor, ring, and weapon presets which I can latter apply (put on) just with a mouse click or a hot-key. I hav 4 to 6 suit combinations I like to change between and it's such a drag to have to locate each piece in the list (which never sorts them near each other) and click each one of them individually. :cry:

- Taking it one step further, it sure would be nice of we could buy and Sell such user created packs in the guilds, send them through the ESO Mail system, or trade & exchange them with others!

Is there a plug-in ("Add-on") which already does something like this, and if not, is there somewhere on-line I can go to make official suggestions like this?

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  • Ayantir
    there is Outfitter and Dressing Room.
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  • AzraelKrieg
    Outfitter, Dressing Room and Alpha Gear are all options. Dressing Room and Alpha Gear are probably the better two.
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  • Teletesselator
    Cool, thanks guys... So there's three of them. And no wonder... cuz the list sorting and item management are clearly the most unpolished aspects of the game - really really bad!

    Kinda makee me wonder why Zenimax hasn't addressed this already. Oh well, I better stop before I go into a full rant on the topic. :innocent:

    Thanks again for the suggestions guys... I'm definitely gonna look into those!
  • Teletesselator
    Just just a quick follow-up here.

    I have since used these and put them thru their paces for long enough to opine on the three: Outfitter, Dressing Room and Alpha Gear.

    AlphaGear is by far my favorite!

    As of this post it's been updated and is working (almost) perfectly - which is better than the others. And the UI once grasped (takes about 5min to "get") is just wonderful!

    Between SetTracker and AlphaGear life in ESO is pretty awesome!

    Now if just ZoS would take some tips from these developers we could negate a few million complaints per day! >:-|

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