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Impossible to lo Log In

it is about 2 hours i try to log in in EU server . All stuck on loading screen... FIX FIX FIX ... i pay you for eso plus and where is the service for what i pay... 2 days of patch and always trouble.
Same question for you ... Where is the service for what i pay ?
  • borgking
    Lol...I feel your pain buddy
  • Kensei1318
    no one of zenimax speak to explain the trouble .... amazing
  • Methadone_Man
    Kensei1318 wrote: »
    no one of zenimax speak to explain the trouble .... amazing

    Huh? Zenimax explains it in big red letters on the main page of the forums. Did you look there? Also, there is a major denial of service attack affecting much of the internet now. It's the front page of CNN. Also, if you check here first:

    you'll see there is a widespread xbox live service issue affecting many of its services. It's not the ESO servers or zenimax. It's hackers messing up everybody right now.
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