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Just how important is it to pick the "right" race for your build? Or more specifically, I'd really like an Orc healer, but of course the Orc passives are not exactly ideal for that. Is it viable, or will I be screwed out of doing endgame stuff I make an Orc anything other than a stamina build? If it makes any difference, I'm mostly interested in PvE. I've never really gotten into PvP in any game I've ever played, so I doubt this will be different in that regard.
  • hazey411
    Play what you want and how you want. Yes min/max will not be on your side but skill will overcome all this game has to offer.
  • Pepper8Jack
    I completed vet maelstrom on a high elf stam sorc that I flipped from magicka just to try something new while finishing my grind through the vet ranks, so there's no reason that your race choice should exclude you from any content.

    I've read varying figures on how much race actually contributes to things like dps and such, and the effect is minimal at best, especially when things like champion points, gear, and player skill/knowledge are such major factors in what makes any character/class/build good.

    So in my opinion, race should really only be a factor if youre really looking to squeeze every bit you can out of your min/maxing. Otherwise, you can certainly play and be successful using whatever race you want.
  • Silvershroud
    Awesome, that's what I was hoping to hear. I main healers in most games I've played, so if being a good healer is all that is needed to make up for it, I'm sure I can figure it out!
  • Artis
    For a pve healer the race doesn't matter. Once you hit "threshold" of regen/spell power etc - you can heal successfully and not run out of magicka. That threshold is reachable by any race and isn't that high at all.
  • MrTarkanian48
    I would advise choosing a race that is beneficial. Unless you know that down the road you aren't going to regret it.

    Yes, you could heal as an Orc. Especially on easier content. But if if you start pushing yourself on harder content you may want every advantage you can get.

    But choosing a race that benefits your build is helpful. My Templar is High Elf. It does not have particularly high Spell Damage, but the 10% max magic helps keep my healing effective. Also the added elemental damage helps me provide some DPS for the group. The regen is also nice as healing is very resource intensive at times.

    I'd say Breton or High Elf would be your best options with Argonian somewhere in the mix.

    If you like Orcs, go for it. Or make a Breton Healer, and down the road roll an Orc stam buid.
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  • Ghettokid
    I only play as orc. I have played with orc templar healer and it works just fine. So go for it.
  • Ir0nB34r
    Awesome, that's what I was hoping to hear. I main healers in most games I've played, so if being a good healer is all that is needed to make up for it, I'm sure I can figure it out!

    Class is the most important starting off point, really. Race is just extra stuff. And every Race/Class combo can do a wide range of things, but matching the right class to the role you want is most important. For instance, you can be more than competent as a sorcerer healer, but templar healers have a wider array of options for healers.
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