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Voice Chat Locks Up

On at least 2 occasions so far I have had trouble with voice chat locking up.
I am chatting with my guild. I am invited to play with another character. I log out to switch to an Alt in that guild member's alliance.
After I log in the voice chat shows me connected to the guild chat but it is not working. I try and click to leave the channel but there is no response. It keeps doing the countdown to join/leave but pressing join/leave has no effect.

The guild member invites me to group. I try to switch to group chat but no response. I can't switch to any other guild chat either. Non of them respond. I log out and log in as different alts. Non of them are able to switch voice chat channel.

In the end only after I have restarted my PS4 does voice chat start working again.

Does anyone else have this issue? I know it has happened to me twice or possibly more.
Once it happens it I have found nothing that fixes it except completely logging out of Elder Scrolls.
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