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Dungeon Finder

Soul Shriven
the dungeon finder is broken , keeps putting me in groups that are FINISHED then i get locked out for 15 mins after a 2-3 hour Q as dps ,.. VERY annoying , please remove the timer from the dungeon finder , there is no point in having one , we wipe and fail or have a dps Q in as a tank just so he doesnt have to sit in Q for hours and then everyone gets PO'd from the deaths and leaves then im locked out for 15 mins?!?!?! now with the scaling broken this happens about 90% of the time , ppl just join in and see its one of the bugged dungeons and just leaves , ive been perma locked from the dungeon finder for about 3 hours now,, im not one to complain but this is VERY annoying and i really think the timer needs to be removed .. for a game like this , all u have to do is farm but we have a limit on it >.> .. im tired of getting Q'd with terrible groups or dps Qing as tank to skip the Q ,, to solve this , remove the timer >.> ...... id shout to make groups , this is an option but im not experienced enough to do so i dont like leading groups in places i dont know .. so before anyone comments saying so :P

im putting this in the bugged section , because ,,.. well its a bug , you shouldnt be getting Q'd into finished dungeons ,.. just to get the timer lock for 15 mins .. :)
Edited by Doxipunk on October 16, 2016 12:39AM
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