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Attention! All Daggerfall and Aldmeri Soldiers. And My Thoughts on Different Matters. Scourge PS4 EU

This is going to be very long. Sorry. I wrote all my thoughts in here. So I put it in 3 parts. The second part you not have to read Daggerfall or Aldmeri. But all 3 alliances can read if they do so wish. But Part 1 and 3 mostly pretains to Daggerfall and Aldmeri. I am asking for there help to lend aid in Scourge PS4 EU.

Part 1: (You can skip Part 2: Aldmeri and Daggerfall if you so wish)

I challenge you all Daggerfall and Aldmeri Soldiers!
Yes that's right. I am tired of Scourge PS4 EU becoming "mostly" Empty.

I am tired of everyone leaving Scourge and going to Thornblade instead. Which I truly understand. So popular over there.

But my dear Daggerfall and my Aldmeri friends. I am still stuck in Scourge PS4 EU. I tried Thornblade and other campaigns again.

Even with my new static IP I just bought. These campaigns are unplayable and I get kicked out every "5 second". Sometimes I could stay a little longer without kicking out. Hence why I am still stuck in Scourge PS4 EU.

Yes this challenge is also to bring more Soldiers from Daggerfall and Aldmeri. Not only that, this will also help me to not change alliance back and fourth.

Heck. Even Daggerfall Wants me back in Scourge PS4 EU. I keep getting messages. But I enjoy helping Aldmeri no offense. It's a pain honestly.

Not you Daggerfall and Aldmeri and Ebonheart. It's me. Your all good. I love you all though. However. I should never switched alliances in first place. But I am happy where I am at. Serving Aldmeri in mean time

Sorry I was going off subject. I usually do this when I am thinking out loud. Just wish I could still help. Both Aldmeri and Daggerfall.

Maybe I can still help. Both Daggerfall and Aldmeri. Hence why I am writing about this. Asking. Pleading for help. To let Daggerfall or Aldmeri come back and regain Scourge PS4 EU.

If they do so wish. I have served in Scourge for 1+ year. Ever since it first came out for PS4 and back again after accidental deletion. I probably have serverd in Scourge PS4 EU longer than you all. (For those who are on PS4 EU and Played in Scourge EU for a bit.)

For those who are asking what is my point exactly. What am I going with my history of Scourge? Fair question.

To put it in simple terms. Scourge PS4 EU Map. Has almost always been Red ever since Scourge first came out and came back again on PS4 EU. With a few exceptions however. Of Map becoming blue and or Yellow. This is very rare however.

It is almost all red every single day. Both DC and Aldmeri keep on leaving. They are Switching to Thornblade instead. Which I can understand why.

Part: 2
I also want to appologise to Ebonheart also. Especially the one EP in same Campaign as me. Who I know reads my stuff all the time. Which I am truly grateful. You deserve a +1 insightful.

However. It seems that I hate Ebonheart. For writing all these things. And or When I go back and Fourth. (I been Trying very hard to stop this. Only switch 1 time this month. 4 days ago. Only to check how things were on DC side and defend. Then I switched back to AD after 30 minutes) DC numbers is few just like AD.

Please note Ebonheart. I do not hate you. Any of you. I am also Friends with the EP Emperor in Scourge PS4 EU. And other EP friends in same campaign. Yes I also had 2 offers of joining EP. However I turned it down. Due to me liking to help hurting alliances. I prefer it this way.

No Ebonheart I do not hate you all. Any of you I will never will. Even though it seems that way when I did switch alliances off and on. Sorry if it seems the case. I love you all. Just like I love all Daggerfall and Aldmeri also in Scourge PS4 EU.

To Daggerfall. You were the very first faction that I played in Scourge PS4 EU. For 1 year. I have stayed loyal to you all. I never switched once.

Until that day when I went EP for that 1 week. Decided it wasn't for me. Not having everything was for me. Maybe because I gotten so used to not having everything. So I switched to AD. Then later on you DC came back.

To Aldmeri. I used to hate you all. I am being honest. I used to help Ebonheart with my DC way back when. Reason was unclear why I hated you all. Maybe my mind was clouded. Maybe because I don't understand you AD at the time. Or maybe I had no judgement and gain someone's favor?

However. It all changed. When those 2 AD kajiit killed me on that day. Over and over again. When I was serving EP. On that very short week of me being EP.

I felt so weird. My mind, my heart was clouded. But no more. I suddenly felt guilty and ashamed. Hence why I decided to become AD and since I didn't care for having everything. Since AD had nothing.

Ever since I became AD. My hate towards you all. Had diminished. Was gone. I felt more lively. More happier. To this day I don't hate anyone now. Now matter what alliance we serve on Scourge PS4 EU. I thank the very AD whom I come to love and probably belong in AD.

Part: 3

Now since maybe you all understand what I am going through. If any of you read Part: 2 also. All my history In Scourge PS4 EU 1+ years.

Would any of You Daggerfall and Aldmeri take up this challenge? To make Scourge PS4 EU better? Would any of you come and replace all those who have gone?

Scourge PS4 EU is almost currently Empty. Like I said earlier. Hardly any Daggerfall and Aldmeri currently. Only a select few of us is left. I want to change this. Since to I am also stuck in Scourge.

How do we do this. Is up to you. It is your choice. If you Daggerfall or Aldmeri do wish to try out Scourge PS4 EU. That will be very great. For those who do not want to try out Scourge PS4 EU. I will understand also. It is your choice and your free to do so.

However for those Daggerfall and Aldmeri who do want to try out Scourge PS4 EU. Please stay at least for a week. Put it in your guest campaign. If you want to. Both Daggerfall and Aldmeri is hurting. We need reinforcements bad.

I am saddened more and more Daggerfall and Aldmeri are leaving. Including the Aldmeri guild That I joined went to Thornblade. The campaign that is very popular and were I am unable to go still.

However Scourge will always be my home. I will never give up on Scourge PS4 EU. I will continue to fight in Scourge PS4 EU I to will try my best to make Scourge PS4 EU more fun for all 3 alliances who currently serve there.

I to hope others will see my love. That I have for Scourge PS4 EU and I hope all alliances. Including Daggerfall and Aldmeri would Make Scourge PS4 EU there home also. To also fall in love with Scourge as much as I do.
Official PSN message. 4-18-18 (Copy/Paste) Hey Justin. It is ok. You can be so much more without the *(left name out). For me you are always a legend. Look for a job you want. You always write like a bard or poet so maybe you should write a book"

It Was A Glorious 2+ years in Scourge PS4 EU, especially during both the 1st and 2nd Scourge. As well as my time in Haderus PS4 EU. What will my journey bring, during my time in Shor, We shall wait; for my journey has only begun. Shor has ended as well as Yol, both hath gone short lived. Kaal and Laa alas are my new journey. Save for Laa replaced short lived Yol; The shortest campaign I've ever been. How many more campaigns must be renewed and delivered? No one knows, till the end. It's not the end, but only just the beginning. What do I mean by this? I don't really know honestly, I keep pondering this myself everyday.

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