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Crashes, Freezes and non stop bugs

Hey all

So of late ESO has done nothing but crash or freeze on me, often returning me back to the dashboard. This doesn't happen in PvE much (if at all), it's when I'm grouped either in a dungeon or PvP. I've noticed its happens when I switch bars a lot or through a more mechicanic intensive boss, it's now getting to the point where I'll get 5/6 crashes every hour. Ok I accept this happens but this is a well know thing on ps4, most pugs and guild members talk about it. I've just ran 3 random dungeons without finishing any because of this problem, either myself or someone in my group has crashed and through boss fights to the point people have just left because it's pointless to continue. It's been the best part of over an hour wasted on nothing

Another bug I've come across of late too is the 'offline' bug, a member in the group has offline under there name and don't appear in the group when you look at the 'group' tab but don't leave the party. Meaning you can't requeue or kick them as the game thinks there nolonger there!

These bugs are bugs, like I said I understand this but when I searched for probable cause all of the above have been reported as much as a year or so ago. Some multiple times. it's sad to see as this is the first mmo I've truly settled in and played non stop but I'll be truthful, it's getting to a point were it's becoming unplayable now for me :(
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