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My character sheathes his weapons with no reason

When my character enter a combat, he sheathes his two swords instead using a skill. It happens often with his two swords (one in three), and it happened like two or three times with his staff. I do not remember well when it begins... Maybe two or three weeks ago. I send three tickets with no answer.

Someone has the same issue or am I the only one in the entire world? :D

P.S.: sorry if my English is bad.
  • Asmael
    Only happens at the start of a fight, it's pretty hard to tell what causes it, only seen it happen in trials for now.

    When I'm on a tank, I've given up starting boss fights with a melee taunt, because I'm pretty much guaranteed to sheath my weapons instead and have a DD one shotted by the time I get to use said taunt.
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  • psxfloh
    Are you really sheathing your weapons? That would be strange indeed and something I have never encountered..
    What I encounter very often is that only my weapons are unsheathed, but the skill won't be executed.

    In one of the last patchnotes they said they would fix the latter - but maybe they didn't fix it for all skills, or even worse, fixed it for some and introduced it for others that were not affected before. You never know with these Devs... ;)
  • Shanjijri
    psxfloh wrote: »
    Are you really sheathing your weapons?

    Yes. My character just sheathes his weapons: they return to his hips, he does the gesture, but I asked him to use a skill (or I do not know how to say this in English). So I use a skill again and he unsheathes his weapons to attack. But before I enter the combat, the weapons are in his hands and he is ready to fight.
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