[PC][EU][SE] Friskyttarna are looking for more members!

Friskyttarna was founded in 2010 and strive to encourage interest in MMOs and online gaming regardless of age, sex and skill.

Vi have a relaxed, “looking for fun”-attitude to gaming and understand that real life comes first. The individual in front of the screen is more important than our digital representations.

We have active members in games like BDO, ESO, GW2, LOTRO, SWTOR and WOW. Right at this moment we have about 100 active players in ESO and a total of 4500+ registered members on our forums.

We have a strong tradition of activity in both PvE and PvP all the way back to the start of Friskyttarna. There are regularly both organized and spontaneous activities arranged for and by our members.

Friskyttarna used to be a AD-only guild, but since One Tamriel released, we now accept applications from all alliances!

Apply on our webpage: friskyttarna.eu

When you have registered on our webpage, click here to get to the application template. Then go to our application sub-forum here.

Friskyttarna is a Swedish only guild. If you do not know Swedish, then do not apply. Due to forum “rules” we are not allowed to post in Swedish, or the thread will be locked.
Dweia Ceban - StamDK
Adara Ceban - MagBlade
Daewa Ceban - MagSorc
Tick-Tock Tormentor


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