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Game breaking BUG Veteran trial Hel Ra Citadel second bottom boss vanishes

Their seems to be a game breaking bug where the second bottom boss seems to have vanish after the selected group takes a wipe. We tried everything to encourage the boss to respawn, and it didn't work. We had no choice but to disband the group without completing the veteran trial.
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"I have no hatred for the races of Man, but they are young. Like all children, they are driven by emotion. They lack the wisdom that comes with age. I would sooner place an Altmer infant on the Ruby Throne than surrender Tamriel to their capricious whims. The Altmer, the Bosmer and the Khajiit share the common traits of intelligence, patience and reason. We do not seek riches or plunder. Domination is not our goal, nor is the acclamation of power for its own sake. Today we make our stand. Today we take back the Ruby Throne, which is ours by ancient right and the blessings of the Divines. Stand with us." ―Your Queen Commands, Ayrenn Arana Aldmeri

Altmer supremacy

-Proud Altmer (Main DPS sorcerer)
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