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Invisible Graphics/Players

For some time, we've had to deal with the same issues. I keep hoping the major updates will fix it, but after U11 and U12 they're still lingering.
  • Party members "in the ground" and invisible until somebody ports to the player
  • Missing chevrons/crown markers on party members
  • Weapon missing after extended play (/reloadui does not generally fix this -- only zoning or relogging). When this happens, the weapons appear to go "in the ground" in the same way players do (weapon attacks/effects can be seen under the player's feet).
These are some of the biggest quality of life issues in the game as it constantly forces people to have to port, reload UI or relog when running dungeons and trials. It's incredibly frustrating. What information does ZOS need from players to try to fix these once and for all?
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