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Computer restarted during patch now eso is broken.

Well, the launcher is xxx up.

I just patched the game (I played yesterday) for todays patch and during the patching process, actually after the real launcher got updated, the whole computer just restarted.

Afterwards the launcher told me that I dont have enough disk space to install it. I deleted stuff, error persists.

Eso is now broken beyond repair. Tried installing over it, now it doesnt find patch manifest.

This is really ridiculous. I am not the only one having this problem, check out here, and scroll down:

Now I am patching a different computer and will copy the folder over and cross my fingers.

I love the game and am a system technician, I know my share about PCs so this is not an user error.
  • Yshaar
    after overwriting with fully patched copy, the launcher just says:
    INSTALL instead of play. When pressing the button: Error, not enough space.

    Whatever, using hook64 now.
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