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low pop bonus?

anyone else notice the TF low pop bonus has been bugged for 2 days??
Edited by AyeshaBelladonna on October 1, 2016 2:53AM
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  • Herbatio
    Well Ad just took the lead because of a Low-Pop bonus, are you freakin kidding me? Last night they were Pop-locked and still getting a whopping 120 points per tick, Then this morning they had 3 bars of pop to ep and dc's 2, and neither of our factions got a low-pop bonus, When are you gonna get rid of this nonsense,
  • Calboy
    It's just a game mate. You can calm down.
  • Pandoraaa
    AD low pop bonus seems to go away when they make it into first place, then it goes back to normal. Please Fix!!!
  • Herbatio
    Sooo, I guess it's working as intended, but i have a fix. All DC and EP unite and push AD to their gates and don't stop untill Calboy and his mates finally realize how ridiculous it is. And then we'll see who starts flooding the forums for a proper fix.
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