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Useless Animations, Doubly Swapping and Auto-sheathing

What's the reason behind sheathing weapons to horse-up, draw then when getting down, just to sheathe again before opening a door?

It's just a few seconds but we do this so many times that in the end is quite some time AND is very unnatural.

Second: When the double (or triple) bar swap will stop happening?

DPS'ing, which is my role, is not hard but also not easy. I still can't pull 40k against a boss but one day I'll get there.

But it's unacceptable to command one bar swap and see on screen them swapping several times in a row. Worse! For Stamina players doing Sanctum Ophidia, for example, precision to get rid of the Magicka is vital.

Or then auto-sheathing weapons. Why? You see an enemy, draw weapons and a couple seconds before engage combat you sheathe them, out of reason.

Curiosly, I don't have this issue when playing my Magicks Sorcerer using staves. Only when dual wielding.

One Tamriel is coming and I bet these will get worse. I ve reported several times and you just ignore. I know I'm one in the crowd, but I am a customet afterall.
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