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No Vampire Lord??

No vampire lord polymorph? Really?

  • MaddPowered
    No E.T.A
    PC/NA 1300+ CP
    Retired Raider

    Stamblade - AVA 50, Tick Tock Tormentor, Immortal Redeemer, Gryphon Heart, Unchained
    Stamina Necro AVA 25, Cyrodiil Skyshard Collector
    Magicka Sorc AVA 24, Immortal Redeemer, Gryphon Heart

    I also have some other characters with TTT, IR and GH but i don't play them anymore so not worth listing.
  • Rohamad_Ali
    There will be one . I'm guessing soon .
  • Pandorii
    Crown crates /kappa. Probably next month.

    How about no female werewolf lord(ess)/lady?
    PS4 NA Gamertag: MsPandorii
  • Darth_Trumpious
    It will come.
    For next year.
  • Alucardo
    inb4 only available as an apex reward in crown crates
    (sqweee )>--- ۜ\(סּںסּَ` )/ۜ
  • HotToddy
    No vampire lord polymorph? Really?


    I know... I'm a bit disappointed as well. I had really hoped for a 'mount' that turned vampires into either a swarm of bats or a giant bat. A costume change hiding a travel power would have been cool.

    I put this thread up last month to put your ideas up for the 2016 Halloween Wish List for the Store:

    Although they've pretty much announced it already, it can't hurt to add your idea - there's always next year...
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