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Visible Backpacks, Furniture and Taverns

Hey there guys,

Would just like to raise the subject of some features I would like to see, purely from a role-play and immersive point of view.

Visible Backpacks on players
Done as an extra costume slot and purely cosmetic. I like the Treasure Hunter costume for this, and it creates a real adventurer atmosphere adding immersion, rather than carrying 100+ slots of loot with no visible means of carrying it.

Usable furniture in the world and some love for taverns
For example I walk into these beautiful new taverns in the Gold Coast and what is the first think? There is no way to sit down and no incentive for socialising. It would breathe new life into the game if you strolled into one of the taverns with your friends, could actually sit down and maybe have some sort of mini-game to play or something of interest. Its a classic image to have your teams assembling/meeting at the tavern so why not make the game more immersive along these lines? Why not make it a point of interest?

Obviously everyone wants things fixed in the game, but I think the addition of these simple things could add a great deal of immersion.

  • Daemons_Bane
    type /sitchair in chat.. Furniture where ever you go :smiley:
  • dead_goon
    Agreed. I could assign another emote in place of "sit chair".
  • Mashille
    I like this new guy / girl. He / She seems like a nice addition to the community.

    Welcome Friend.
    Edited by Mashille on September 30, 2016 5:17PM
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