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One Tamriel questions

1. Are all delves etc now soloable?
2. Or is it just in Craglorn?
3. Undaunted skill line is now done by completing dolmens?
4. Will dolmens still be soloable?
5. Why so low?
6. Han Solo?
7. When is OT actually released?
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  • Publius_Scipio
    1. Everything is the same minus the difficulty balancing between players and all content across zones now.
    2. Craglorn storyline is now solo. There will be group content there as well.
    3. Not sure about dolmens. But just run daily undaunted pledges (which with One Tamriel you can do up to 6 a day).
    4. Dolmens i believe always scaled to how many players were there. So yes you can solo a dolmen.
    5. Nope. As high as Sypher's hair.
    6. Dead
    7. October 5.
  • Mic1007
    1. Yes, but just delves. Group Dungeons are still Group Dungeons.
    2. Craglorn's main quest is soloable. The other content in grouped.
    3. You can do up to 3 pledges, for up to 6 keys a day, and a nice chunk of Undaunted XP. :)
    4. Dolmens are still soloable. Tried it out myself to confirm this.
    5. Because.
    6. Killed.
    7. October 5, 2016
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  • Nestor
    Undaunted is still Group Dungeons.

    However, we will have Fighter's Guild Dailies that will require you to complete the 3 Dolmens in a zone.
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