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random 999+ latency spikes

Hello, for some reason I get random latency spikes to 999+. Normally, I get around 250ms ping, one thing I did notice is that even though it would say 999+ other players would still move at normal speed as though nothing was wrong. When this happens, I find myself forced to stand perfectly still (go to settings) or else I would get logged out. This primarily started after I went to Vaukhel Guard and even happens in interiors. The starting area rarely (if ever) had this issue, whereas the first big city area suffers it almost every 1-2 minutes. This is really annoying as it has turned ESO into a game of "go-go-stop".
  • Gargath
    It happens to me also from time to time, when my ping is usually at 70-100 and I play on a stable Internet connection and cable. I think however, the way to the server is so long there could be anything that cause the issue. So I just wait a bit untill connection is restored.
    Happily usually if I died during the lag spike, the game makes me the winner, not the mob, which I like very much :).
    PC EU (PL): 14 characters. Member of Priests of Hircine Werewolf Guild. In ESO since 06.08.2015. CP930+.
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