REAL LIFE ESO Cart with Barrel

Because I always stop and admire the in-game cart designs, I thought to create a real life one, as close to ESO design as possible :smiley:
  • Greifenherz
    That turned out amazing! :open_mouth::love: Is it functional?
  • Rohamad_Ali
    It is very nice carpentry . The stain was put on just right and even the metal fasteners look authentic and aged . You should be very proud . Please put something good to loot inside .
  • WhiteCoatSyndrome
    I like it! :smiley: Very nice work!
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  • greekvamp_ESO
    Thank you guys for your nice words! Yes, it is functional, it has a strong axle and rubber inside the wheels connections. I am thinking to start making miniature ones 15''-20'' for all of us to enjoy! As for loot, I just got a new jacket (light gear 160cp) but it's not gold, its blue because it was purchased from Macy's! :smiley:
  • Alina_Scarbridge
    This is SO awesome!! great job, what fun!! I wish i had the time to do stuff like that, really amazing. wow. :)
  • Pistolera_ESO
    A beauty right there! :heart:
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  • Bearded_Gorilla
    Absolute amazing, how long did that labour of love take you?
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  • Seratopia
    This is so adorable. <3 I love it.
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