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How Do I Report Getting Stuck To the Game gods

How do I report one of my characters getting stuck to Zenimax?

I got stuck in Cyrodiil (Red Ruby Cave if I recall correctly) behind a waterfall. I was beaten there by bears who I was trying not to kill. I thought I should report this to Zenimax so I put in a help ticket mentioning the location but thinking that with a ticket they get a video of the last few moments of gameplay. I also included "fyi" to indicate I really did not want help getting unstuck even though teleporting to the wayshrine made another really long run through enemy territory to get back to the cave. The response I got from help was simply how to get unstuck. I thanked help in an email but let them know fyi means for your information and then I was told to report getting stuck in the forum. ?????? In the past I was told in email conversatinos to submit ingame tickets so there would be a record (in the past I had done this - the email was in response to a help ticket submitted ingame where the response was not germane). On the PS4 it is difficult for me to add lots of information in a customer support ticket because of twitter like limits on the number of characters so I need to be concise.

So when I get stuck does anyone care? Does anyone want to fix the bug or are bugs part of the game? Call me confused by circular instructions. There should be a customer support ticket to report broken game mechanics?
  • JungleBoot
    Your issue was probably filtered as a "stuck player" which prompted an automated response. Otherwise, you might have received a different kind of response such as "Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We will make note of the location and see if others report the same problems" ... yada yada yada.

    That's the difference between automated support and personal support.
    Platform: PS4
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