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ESO Audio Output Device

I understand that ESO isn't the largest of streaming communities, but as a novice streamer I am figuring out how annoying this little lack of feature really affects the experience. From what I have researched, there is no way to separate the game audio from voice programs while streaming.

-I use OBS to stream: this broadcasts all desktop sounds
-I use Discord to voice chat with friends during stream(some watch the stream while talking in Discord) causing them to rehear themselves during the stream as well as hearing my response through both discord and the stream.
-ESO does not have an audio device output selection resulting in its inability to be separated from the voice chat during the stream

My only options appear to be:
-Play without my personal game audio(Only stream game audio through default) while I force Discord to play through my headset
-Friends Mute stream and only listen to Discord chat so as not to hear the conversation replay on stream
-Play with ESO defaulted to a separate device that can be heard(by player/streamer), but also transmitted through the headset microphone to Discord, those watching stream will hear game sounds only, Discord members watching stream will hear Game through Discord + Game through stream on delay.

None of these options are remotely ideal. If ESO had a device selector the game sound could be routed directly to the stream free of any other desktop audio. This may be a small population problem, but it really seems like a simple solution to a problem that should exist in today's gaming community. I have seen several complaints from ESO members on this and no reaction.

~ If anyone in the community has experienced this issue and has discovered a work around I would welcome the help! As I stated I am a very novice streamer. This issue may deter others from sharing gaming experiences as well. The more streamers the more interest that can be raised in the game!
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