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solo werewolf

Is a werewolf based built viable in pvp.( in goup/solo) what class would you recommend for such a build+ race
  • WhiteMage
    I don't know much about this, but I did find a werewolf who was a hard counter to my magplar... He used Kena and shield breaker and my light armour magplar whose defense is based on shields just... It was brutal. It was clear to see id need to change my build drastically to contend.

    The voices are telling me to put on the impenetrable malubeth set I bought for just-in-case if I ever see him again. It is actually very nice to see a hard counter to a build. Rock beats scissors.
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  • Unsent.Soul
    Werewolves take more damage from poison. Most if not all stamina builds have a bow and spam poison abilities like they are going out of style.

    You may be able to make it work but it might be more hassle than what it's worth.
  • geonsocal
    Ckiller138 wrote: »
    Is a werewolf based built viable in pvp.( in goup/solo) what class would you recommend for such a build+ race

    the only real challenge w/ ww that I find in pvp is that you have to stay in melee range all the time, and, transforming into the ww puts a big target on you...

    the ww uses a lot of stamina, so redguard, khajit are really good picks, class wise I'm not sure how much a difference it really makes - it does seem beneficial though if you're wearing either heavy or medium armor...I have 3 ww's - my best build is an orc templar in heavy armor...very tough for less than 3 or 4 enemy players to take him down...

    in an open battlefield situation - you can wreck serious havoc on opposing groups...
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  • SirAndy
    There used to be a Werewolf Emp on Haderus many moons ago that was all but unkillable ...
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  • brandonv516

    This is where I started, and have tweaked some things since. Im still working on ways to conserve resources in ww form, but I usually burn through really fast.
  • Wolfchild07
    I think any class is viable but currently sorc is a really good option. Or any other class with lengthy buffs. As nice as it is to keep werewolf going, you really want to buff up, then transform, and end it after your buffs end for maximum efficiency/damage/survivability. A search on youtube should bring something up.
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  • sneakymitchell
    • sorcs - werewolf you can execute, have some cost reduction on ww skills, and be in werewolf quick with the power stone.
    • DK- have healing recived and when you use the ultimate have resources back and to make it better use Blessing of the Potentates set which helps get in werewolf more. Even though its roboost but its still good. But when you stay werewolf for a long time on a Dk it doesnt have much effect.
    • Templars- reduce cost of stam and magicka and the balanced warrior.
    • Nbs- health, stam, and magicka reg. which would be great for tri drinks. And using a potion gives you 20 ultimate.

    Either way sorc seem like the best way to be a werewolf cause they can have a chance to execute and with some sorcs skills help make you while in werewolf to move quicker. Templars will be my second choice cause the reduce cost yea and sorcs have reduce cost as well. Dks are third cause if you face enemies with low resources then you will surprise them with werewolf and you will get a good amount of resources back. NBs doesn't seem that much useful cause it's just only the regen that helps out but if you use food then its just useless while being werewolf (unless you run serpent and have good regen on you sets.)
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  • ParaNostram
    I've seen it work, but it takes skill with a clever build IMHO. The most important thing is, however, that it is damned fun!
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