Thinking of switching to Stamblade from Mageblade

Ok, I really like my mageblade, but lately I was really starting to consider changing to a stamblade. I am used to magicka builds and shields/resto staff but in PVP nothing really helps when I get into a battle with anyone. I rarely can even get my swords out before getting housed by anyone really. I only have like 259 CP right now and I know not being maxed out doesn't help esp with some players out there but I hit like a wet noodle with lotus fan, impale, and concealed weapon.

I don't really have that great of gear mostly pve stuff I am working on crafting. Was thinking of Bow/DW possibly dont' know how well bow does in PVP which is my main goal. Is it worth it or should I just stick with mageblade. Unless Stamblade is a better choice.
Runs with the A.D.
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